One son stands accused of a horrific crime. One attorney must find out why.

Fresh off a big win, attorney Nate Shepherd takes a welcome break to watch some high school football. Nate’s brother Tom coaches the best quarterback to come out of Carrefour in a generation so a Friday night under the lights seems like just the distraction Nate needs.

Until the quarterback’s brother is arrested in the middle of the game.

As Tom’s team plays on, Nate steps in to help the young man. And Nate soon learns that his new client stands accused of a crime far worse than anyone imagined.

As the internet rains fury down on Nate’s client and a merciless prosecutor maneuvers to put the young man away, Nate scrambles to find out what happened and why. But no one, anywhere, seems to be telling him the whole truth.

While Nate builds a defense, his client’s family is torn between protecting the son who stands accused and supporting the son who is on the verge of a championship and the future they’ve all dreamed of. And as one team heads toward trial and the other bulldozes through the playoffs, the unwinding spool of facts raises a new danger:

Will their secrets tear the brothers apart?

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